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Happy Birthday, Rylan!

You know those people who say you look/act like your pet? Well, I guess that makes me a cow.

Not really, but it seems I’ve had a lot of babies very quickly and they all seem to come at the same time of year, every year! So Matt has classified me as a fall/winter calver.

This is OK to me, but what that means since we have six members in our family is that beginning with our anniversary in September, we have a birthday in every month until February — not to mention those other present-heavy holidays.

So this is definitely birthday season at my house.

We kicked off the season last month with Rylan’s (our second oldest) birthday. He was 3 on Oct. 24. Rylan (aka “Bub Man”) is an interesting fellow. He is known to gallivant around in nothing but pink snow boots and underwear. (About a month ago his attire would have included a binki, but the man has been forced to give that addiction up!).

His birthday party went off without a hitch, unless you count the several tractors, trucks and the like! Oh yes, he is a man with a love for wheels, to say the least. I was worried he would literally stroke out when he opened his presents since I knew there would be a set of John Deere tractor pajamas Grandma Helen made among the mess of toys.

But, Bub never ceases to amaze. He became so enthralled by all the wheels, I think he glazed over and I (kid you not) at one point I heard him ask his cousin, Sidney: “Would you open this for me?” He didn’t stroke out, he checked out!

Soon the man was back to his old self and some time the next week he followed me outside to hang clothes on the line. He was buck naked, of course, and it was one of those days when the wind had a bite. After getting a taste of the breeze, he opted to stay on the back porch to take his bike for a spin.

The weather didn’t seem to bother him too much because he stayed back there even after I finished the laundry.

I had just sat down for a break when Rylan came rushing in.

“It’s cold out there, I need some underwear!”

And then he was off again! What a guy.


As seen in the Lawrence County Record

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