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For posterity’s sake, here’s an update on the current happenings of the Oehlschlager kids.

Seven-year-old Kadence, the eldest of our clan, is finishing up her first grade year of elementary school.

I have been shocked by the changes in our tallest baby. Besides all the lovely attitudes and the like she has been exposed to at public school, she is now (horror of horrors) learning to spell!

Those teachers have inadvertently ruined one of our greatest parental conveniences: “parent code” (when parents spell words so the kids don’t understand what they’re talking about).

Kadence has caught us off guard on more than one occasion by not only breaking our code, but by then announcing said secret to the three non-spellers.

Kadence also has become a leaver of notes. One day, Matt intervened in an altercation between Kadence and Bella. Justice sided with Bella, and Kadence escaped to cry it out in her room.

Not five minutes later, a crayon-covered Post-it note floated down the stairwell.

“Dear dad,

You are mean.

Love, Kadence”

Second-oldest Rylan, who is now 5, is nearing the end of his preschool year.

His days off are spent building Lego creations. He even built a carwash after I took him with me to wash the Suburban one day.

One day Bubby (Ry’s nickname) thought it would make sense to use blinkers when you are walking around like adults do when driving. He blinks (winks) to let us know which way he plans to “turn.”

His most recent achievement is learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels.

Bella Rose, 4, is the diva of the family. She is constantly performing, which you would never guess because she is also our shyest — by far!

I turn on the radio, and she sings and performs for literally hours. But as soon as she catches you watching, the show is over.

She is also VERY particular about her clothing. I was ordering shoes online for the kids the other day and she looked for a long time before finding just the right pair.

Bella is excited to start preschool next fall.

Three-year-old Masen, the fourth and final, is also the liveliest firecracker we have.

If it were socially acceptable to have children on leashes, Masen would definitely be a candidate. When he decides he wants to be somewhere, I can barely catch up with him. The boy can run!

He is very animated in his speech and cares very much about his few interests: lawn mowers and tractors.

Masen is also the toughest small person in our clan. It seems in any physical altercation (of which there are a lot of around here), Mae Mae comes out on top.

The only constant thing around here is activity. Life is in constant motion. With all six of our very strong personalities swirling around, the mood changes quickly from quiet playing to laughter to fists and tears.

Literally the only quiet moments are bedtime and naptime.

Thank goodness warmer days are near. Every day is better with a little fresh air.

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My name is Ginia Oehlschlager and I'm a small-town gal from Missouri. Join me as I document my crazy life on the farm with my husband and four kids. I'm always looking for frugal, simple ways to live the life God set before me. Where faith, family and fun come together on the farm.

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