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Whole30: My week one

Whole30: No dairy (not even butter!). No sugar (or sugar substitutes). No grain (including quinoa). No legumes. No processed foods. No exceptions. For 30 days.doing-the-w30-IG

“There is no way I could do that.”

That’s the response I’ve been given multiple times when people find out I’m in the midst of the Whole30 journey.

I kinda felt the same way the first time I read through the project (explained free on the company’s Web site) but I felt a huge draw to try it.

Whole30, simply speaking, is a nutritional reset (for your brain AND your body). After the 30 days of strict adherence to the rules, you reintroduce the banned foods to see which ones your body doesn’t tolerate at all and which ones you should eat only in moderation, etc. It all made sense to me.

So I ordered the book that explains in greater detail the scientific reasonings behind the rules. The morning after getting it in the mail, I began the journey.

That’s how I roll. Go big or go home. Oh, and let’s go RIGHT NOW!

The first day was super easy. I already love fresh vegetables and fruits and meats. I also like to cook, which is imperative to this journey, I feel.

Here’s what I ate: For breakfast I had an apple. Lunch was salmon with an avocado-tomato-cilantro “salsa,” and steamed broccoli. Dinner was taco salad (using homemade taco seasoning) with a homemade avocado salad dressing (recipe in Whole30 book).

Day 2 began and life wasn’t so rosy. I expected to have headaches with this (I get migraines and headaches ALL the time and I knew this restrictive journey would only exasperate and intensify them) but I had no idea I would wake up feeling like puking.

My head was throbbing (not in a migraine sort of way, but a constant ache) and my stomach was just churning.

I was NOT hungry and the few bites of apples and eggs I tried to force down only made my nausea worse.

I took advantage of the kids being in school and went straight to bed. I couldn’t find sleep. I couldn’t find comfort. So I just buckled in and scoured the Internet to find out if this nausea was normal and what I could do to stop it.

The answer came back from many different forums.

Yes, nausea is normal. Sweet potatoes are key.

So day 2 lunch consisted of the largest sweet potato in my pantry.

The miracle spud did help and the nausea left, but the headache lasted until the afternoon of day 3.

Unfortunately, the headache was replaced with a drowsiness and cloudiness I can only relate to the feeling of being medicated. Only yesterday (day 6) did I have any real energy to speak of and the foggy brain feeling finally lifted.

I simply cannot believe that today is day 7 and that I have not only survived but am thriving.

I’ve weighed myself a few times even though the scale is outlawed on this journey (it’s seriously not about weight loss, it’s about health). I can see a significant change in my body already and I haven’t been working out (planning to start easing into a routine tomorrow). It’s really incredible to see my body and my brain (this is the hardest part) adapt.

The anniversary of D-Day, June 6, will be the last day of this journey. I plan to keep blogging about how I feel week to week or when inspiration strikes.

You might think I’m nuts but you also might be surprised by reading some background and testimonials about Whole30 and discover it just might make sense to you, too.

I just have to remember:

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13




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