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Whole30: COMPLETE!

Last Friday, June 6, was the final day of my Whole30 adventure (click here to read about what Whole30 is all about).

The 30-day journey felt like forever and yet was over in an instant.

Here’s my top 10 conclusions:

1. If I REALLY want to do something. I can. Even if that something means giving up sugar, processed foods, legumes, grains and dairy.

2. Sugar is the devil. It is like heroin. Seriously.

3. Giving up ALL the aforementioned items was almost easier than eating 1200 calories a day. The Whole30 book said that’s because when decisions are made (ex: I’m NOT going to eat all these things) it is easier for your brain to comply rather than always having to weigh the consequences each time you think about maybe eating dessert today. Your brain doesn’t have to work as hard when the decision has already been made. (I’m not saying this as eloquently as the Whole30 authors, forgive me.)

4. Sweet potatoes taste WAY better in all forms than regular potatoes. Period.

5. Coconut oil on veggies makes my brain believe I’m getting butter.

6. Avocados are a fabulous substitute in any go-to meal that would’ve used mayonnaise.

7. I felt more awake when I was awake and more asleep when asleep.

8. I lost lots of inches (wish I would’ve measured) and about 5-1/2 pounds. (See progress picture.)

9. I never want to see another boiled egg again. Ever. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I may have a sensitivity to eggs. My face has never looked worse since being on Whole30. My only conclusion, seeing that I was eating “perfectly clean” is that eggs don’t agree with me. I had been eating at least 3 a day.

10. When eating correctly, that heavy feeling in your gut (even after eating a TON of food) is not there. It really isn’t. And that is amazing.

This week, I’m going to relax and enjoy the fact that I’ve learned that I’m not allergic or sensitive to grains or gluten (even though they obviously aren’t the healthiest choice), that eggs may be causing my terrible acne, and that I lived through my first Whole30!


Here’s some before, during and after pics.

side view Whole 30 wordsBefore-after


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