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As a general rule, I don’t get attached to farm animals. They move in and out of our lives so quickly, it just seems reckless to become attached. It only takes two fingers from only one hand to count the number of farm animals — animals God created to feed […]

Death Valley

Spring is usually a time when new life is breathed through our cold and stiff winter world. Everything feels fresh. We open our windows and sit on the porch and gaze at the sprouting beauties peeking out from the now green-clad dirt. We wash up our house and freshen its […]

Long time, no see

I’ve taken a break from writing since leaving the Record at the end of 2012 to re-set and adjust to my new “normal.” And I don’t know if the anticipation of the life change was more than the eventual shift, but my “new” life has settled nicely, with little discomfort.

The Oehlschlager menagrie

Because we don’t have enough to do, we decided to get goats. And guinea pigs. I know you’re probably shaking your head at me, knowing full well we will regret the extra work, etc. etc., but so far the extra animals have been a joy. The guinea pigs, Harry and […]