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In bed.

I’m lying in bed. Again. Attached to me is a pump that is spewing life-saving poison into a main artery in my neck. Also attached to me is an incredible amount of guilt. Now, I am no stranger to mom-guilt but cancer-guilt is a whole different ballgame. I could care […]

Always wear boots

All has been rather quiet on the farm lately. Thankfully. Boring is good a lot of times. So rather than lull you to sleep by recounting our recent days, I found a story I wrote back in 2011. Things were much different then in regards to my cattle experience. But […]

DUGGAR MANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I MET THE DUGGARS!!! I MET THE DUGGARS!!! I MET THE DUGGARS!!! And while a few weeks have already passed, I am still totally stoked about it! The Duggar family (you know, the family from Arkansas with 19 kids and one on the way ?) were guests at the Fresh […]


Have you noticed that nobody waves anymore? Well, not nobody, but most do not wave. Sure people wave at those they really know, but just the good ole raise of the paw to a stranger is very uncommon in these times we live in. Matt is a waver. I am […]