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All year long I’ve struggled with feeling overwhelmed. Big time. Like the I-can’t-even-breathe kind of overwhelm. And before you tell me “that that’s understandable … You have a lot on your plate,” remember this is not my first rodeo. My kids are old. Everybody is potty trained. They can all buckle themselves […]

Spring update

This space is in dire need of updating. So, here goes….. KIDS We are still homeschooling (and loving it). Kadence (13) wrote a book (buy here) under the pen name Anastasia Thickett. It still amazes me. She amazes me. She devours and then re-devours huge tombs of books like Gone […]

Weight loss. My struggle.

I am the typical, American yo-yo dieter. Wish I wasn’t. But I am. And it’s a bummer. There’s been the counting calories, which was successful. There’s been my first Whole30, which was life-changing. And then … there were all those lazy or super busy days and  I coped with doing whatever […]