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Hope grows on trees

After a long winter, green leaves are a miracle. In fact, green of any kind after a winter of any kind, feels like a miracle. Like a deep, cleansing breath. Hope actually does grow on trees. At least in the months of spring. The contrast of the nesting, burrowing, make-do […]

It’s good to be back

I haven’t posted an update on this blog since June. Wow. Time sure got away from me! Here’s a short synopsis of what’s being going on on the farm: • Completed our first semester of homeschooling. The curriculum we decided on was Classical Conversations, Saxon math and First Language Lessons. […]

Whole30: COMPLETE!

Last Friday, June 6, was the final day of my Whole30 adventure (click here to read about what Whole30 is all about). The 30-day journey felt like forever and yet was over in an instant. Here’s my top 10 conclusions: 1. If I REALLY want to do something. I can. […]

We did it!!!

This morning I un-enrolled my children from public school. I can honestly say I never thought this day would happen. Ever. But it seems every change in our lives has led to this road. This path. See, before Kadence began kindergarten I really struggled with the idea of homeschooling. I […]