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Spring update

This space is in dire need of updating. So, here goes….. KIDS We are still homeschooling (and loving it). Kadence (13) wrote a book (buy here) under the pen name Anastasia Thickett. It still amazes me. She amazes me. She devours and then re-devours huge tombs of books like Gone […]

Hope grows on trees

After a long winter, green leaves are a miracle. In fact, green of any kind after a winter of any kind, feels like a miracle. Like a deep, cleansing breath. Hope actually does grow on trees. At least in the months of spring. The contrast of the nesting, burrowing, make-do […]


**WARNING: Sensitive stomach alert!** Chickens are hard to understand. It’s obvious they don’t understand English. Or Ginia-ese. Or even simple reason. One thing chickens completely lack — and I’m generalizing and being extremely prejudicial here — is compassion. For the second time I rescued one of my hens from her brutal […]