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Hope grows on trees

After a long winter, green leaves are a miracle. In fact, green of any kind after a winter of any kind, feels like a miracle. Like a deep, cleansing breath. Hope actually does grow on trees. At least in the months of spring. The contrast of the nesting, burrowing, make-do […]

Moving day

Yesterday was moving day … for the chicks. They had been living in giant plastic tubs in my laundry room for the past week and space was getting tight. (Read about the new chicks here.) I couldn’t fit it big enough waterers and feeders to keep from having to attend […]

Surely spring is near

Yesterday’s weather being of the sunny, mid-50s variety gave me hope. Spring must really be coming! In honor of the good weather, we worked the entire day cleaning up the much-ignored chicken house.We scooped manure and I dusted the walls and ceilings. Matt built a pond in the chicken yard […]