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ONLY two more days!

The count-down is on. And the farm is buzzing with anticipation of the BIG day. Christmas! Only two more days and my little minions need lots of distractions. For my sanity. Here’s what we’ve been up to. We’ve been reading lots and lots of Christmas books, including a new family […]

Farm, sweet home revisited

This post originally ran in my parents’ newspaper, the Lawrence County Record, a few years ago. We moved to the farm in November 2006 before purchasing it the following February. This morning when I saw the photo image on Modern Pioneer’s Facebook page that said, “Your Farm Tells a Story,” […]


**WARNING: Sensitive stomach alert!** Chickens are hard to understand. It’s obvious they don’t understand English. Or Ginia-ese. Or even simple reason. One thing chickens completely lack — and I’m generalizing and being extremely prejudicial here — is compassion. For the second time I rescued one of my hens from her brutal […]