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Frozen: How to stay warm(er)

We woke up to below-zero temperatures. Everything and every being outside was/is frozen. There’s not much we can do about it since we can’t control the weather with a thermostat. All we can do is cope. Adapt. And wait until it (the always-changing weather) changes. Because it will. This too […]

Potato Flake Bread Starter

One of the things I’ve been working on recently is growing a starter. A potato flake bread starter, to be exact. See, my family loves homemade bread and I like to bake it for them. Kind of. But being the frugal-wannabe-housewife that I am, I had to do the math. […]

Farm, sweet home revisited

This post originally ran in my parents’ newspaper, the Lawrence County Record, a few years ago. We moved to the farm in November 2006 before purchasing it the following February. This morning when I saw the photo image on Modern Pioneer’s Facebook page that said, “Your Farm Tells a Story,” […]

Down for the count

The school year has only just begun and we are already getting sick her on the farm. Masen started it off. He had the pukes after only two days in school and ended up taking a sick day due to the subsequent high fevers. Bella was sent home from school […]