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Spring update

This space is in dire need of updating. So, here goes….. KIDS We are still homeschooling (and loving it). Kadence (13) wrote a book (buy here) under the pen name Anastasia Thickett. It still amazes me. She amazes me. She devours and then re-devours huge tombs of books like Gone […]

Moving day

Yesterday was moving day … for the chicks. They had been living in giant plastic tubs in my laundry room for the past week and space was getting tight. (Read about the new chicks here.) I couldn’t fit it big enough waterers and feeders to keep from having to attend […]

Cat attack

I debated on whether or not to share the following story. The husband warned me that you all might lose all hope in my sanity. But I’m pretty much an open book. For better, for worse. So, here’s some more worse. Last week, we were attacked. The kids and me, […]