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Weight loss. My struggle.

I am the typical, American yo-yo dieter. Wish I wasn’t. But I am. And it’s a bummer. There’s been the counting calories, which was successful. There’s been my first Whole30, which was life-changing. And then … there were all those lazy or super busy days and  I coped with doing whatever […]

Whole30: COMPLETE!

Last Friday, June 6, was the final day of my Whole30 adventure (click here to read about what Whole30 is all about). The 30-day journey felt like forever and yet was over in an instant. Here’s my top 10 conclusions: 1. If I REALLY want to do something. I can. […]

Whole30: My week one

Whole30: No dairy (not even butter!). No sugar (or sugar substitutes). No grain (including quinoa). No legumes. No processed foods. No exceptions. For 30 days. “There is no way I could do that.” That’s the response I’ve been given multiple times when people find out I’m in the midst of […]